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Our people set a high standard

Our on-site labour support team is amongst the most experienced in the industry. Every member of our team is highly skilled in the repair and maintenance of mining and civil construction equipment.


Beyond the numbers


Our teams are not only specialists in what they do, but they bring with them a culture of reliability, a high work ethic and a sense of leadership. At CYBEM, we don’t just get numbers to projects, we focus on the commercial benefits we can bring to our clients through interaction with our skilled and reliable teams.


What sets our teams apart?

What sets our teams apart are the processes we have in place from recruitment to delivery. Our recruitment process focuses on sourcing long term employees with extensive experience and skills to match specific tasks. Additionally we provide constant support to our onsite labour support teams with our internal network of technical expertise.

CYBEM has the proven capacity to work with client teams as valued and respected team members, contributing and providing leadership when required.


We can service projects nationally in either a residential or FIFO capacity. Both short and long term contracts can be fulfilled.


Key skills sets include:

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics

  • Light Vehicle Mechanics

  • Auto Electricians

  • Boilermakers

  • Onsite Line Boring 

  • Servicemen

  • Management and Supervision.

Extensive Experience and High Skill Level

Long Term CYBEM Employees

High Work Ethic & Reliability

Skilled Labour Support

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